Friday, February 26, 2010

Folk Cloth Animals

My development must be arrested, because I'm a sucker for primitive cloth animals. A faded, worn, turn-of-the-century flannel puppy just arrived in the mail for me, prompting my husband to ask, simply: WHY?

He just doesn't get the stuffed animals. But I'm sure you do. You're here, aren't you? Then let's get to them.

Cat Lady Antiques offers an entire zoo of old cloth animals, many of Shaker or Mennonite origin. Their simplicity is absolutely charming -- and sometimes even stunningly modern!

Tell me you don't love this old black kitty, still with her original bone button eyes:

And this 19th-Century velvet rabbit is begging for a snuggle:

Baker & Co. Antiques also sells several wonderful examples of cloth animals. I love the home-made, whimsmical quality of this sock cat. The stripes take the cake!

Finally, this Amish elephant (who knew elephants could be Amish?) from J. Compton Gallery is TO. DIE. FOR. The straw boater hat is a brilliant touch.


Hence72 said...

cool stylish blog,

come visit some time, id love to hear what you think of my artwork

Anna Lefler said...

These little folks are so cute! I happen to love folk art, particularly from Mexico.

(I've also been known to make a quilt or two. Shhsh!)

So happy to see you on my blog - thanks for visiting!

:-) Anna