Friday, August 15, 2008

'Til The Cows Come Home

Maybe it's because I live in Jersey, and pass by fields of dairy cows every day. Whatever the reason, I find myself a bit obsessed with cows lately: their hulking forms and docile faces are oddly comforting.

This fantastic original carving by Larry Koosed captures everything that I love about bovines:

For those of you who like your carvings old and weathered, this early 20thC Flossie from Back N Time Antiques is just the ticket.

And finally, from Anne Charles Antiques, a painted cheese box that could easily represent a Jersey meadow:

Just mooovelous! (Sorry. I couldn't resist).

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gigi said...

I have always loved black and white cows! I asked to have one that would wander around on my front acre and just eat my grass then I would never have to mow it. And I could watch it from my kitchen window. It would make me so happy.