Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Sally Patchin Basket

Lately, I've encountered some fabulous tole-painted wicker baskets by the late folk artist Sally Patchin. Apparently, Patchin lived in upstate New York and painted these treasures throughout the first half of the 20th Century.

This Patchin "suitcase" basket from Ruby Lane seller The Purple Doorknob caught my eye:

I like the unusual shape, not to mention the folksy painted details.

Seller New Hope Antiques offers this Patchin log basket:

Again, the thoughtful hand-painted details lend a lot of charm to an everyday, utilitarian object.

This next is not a Patchin, but I like the tole details on the wood panels that frame this basket from A Bridge To The Past:

Can't you just imagine some Arnold Print Works critters sitting cozy in there?


Sharon @ New Hope Antiques said...

We have just uploaded to our online shop at New Hope Antiques 2, newly acquired Sally Patchin Baskets, under the "Specialty Collectibles" category. (See www.newhopeantiques.com) Sally Patchin baskets are highly collectible, especially in Upstate NY. Her identifying mark is a yellow center to her flowers, with a black dot in the center. They can still be found at garage sales & flea markets in the area, as they are not widely known to the average hunter as a sought-after collectible. Sharon Andrus, proprietor, New Hope Antiques

Jo Ann Schlicker said...

Near Dansville NY there is a town called Perkinsville. I think a part of Perkinsville is known as Patchinville. Patchinville is on the Wayland area map. It is where Sally lived and worked. I think she is gone but her art lives on. She is quite famous in the area.