Friday, December 11, 2009

Round and Round She Goes . . .

. . . and where she stops, nobody knows. Carnival art has become a popular form of collectible folk art of late, not the least for its bright graphics and sense of playfulness. I suspect that for many of us, gaming wheels like these recall the fun days we spent at the State Fair as kids.

This 1920's beauty was recently sold by Paul Madden Antiques. I love the crisp print and the fact that it comes with its own stand.

Here's another gorgeous specimen from Fryling's Antiques, dating to mid-20th Century:

This would look great hanging on the wall of a family game room.

Bitten? Need to buy a gaming wheel RIGHT NOW? Then hurry yourself over to Finish Line Collectibles on Ruby Lane. This seller boasts a number of outstanding wheels in a range of sizes and prices. I have my eye on this number:

Hope you win!

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