Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For Goodness Sake

Then as now, "good" children are often rewarded with gifts -- although I'm afraid my kids wouldn't appreciate any of these fantastic antiques. They'd prefer a Wii (fat chance!).

The Shakers gave obedient children who did their chores a handcrafted, painted pail -- all the better for . . . umm . . . doing even MORE chores! These are incredibly hard to find, but Barbara Ardizone offers one of the best:

The English rewarded their children with -- what else? Mugs for drinking tea! Hanes and Ruskin currently showcase two beautiful canaryware examples.

Finally, the truly model child deserves a chair all his own. I've used a time-out chair, but Ken and Susan Scott Antiques offers a delightful "Good Boy" chair:

I love the utility of all these rewards . . . especially when I look at all the stray Legos and Pokemon characters littering my house.

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