Thursday, September 18, 2008

Santos Cage Dolls

I've just discovered santos cage dolls. And now that I have, I covet one. Vintage, repro, doesn't matter -- they're lovely and soulful and yes, just a tiny bit creepy, which only adds to their charm.

Santos dolls originated in Mexico, South America and Spain. They emblemize religious saints, and were typically carried aloft in processions celebrating holidays and festivals. Seller Vintage Weave boasts a number of dolls in its inventory, among them this 36" high beauty:

Ebay seller A Bit of Paris 2 U offers a gorgeous 18" doll with an unusual salmon-colored finish. Another unusual touch: Her eyes are glass. I think the crown just takes the cake.

Finally, John Isaac Antiques sells the real deal: An authentic 19th-Century cage doll from Mexico.

And here's a creative use for your cage doll: She's great for hanging necklaces. Dripping with jewelry, she'll look more iconic than ever.

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