Monday, September 8, 2008

What The Firkin?

Yes, I know, that post title was all too easy.

Antique painted firkins, or sugar buckets, look fantastic when displayed in a stack, as ebay seller Black Tavern Primitives demonstrates:

Firkins with their original paint are few and far between, and even rarer to find at a modest price point. But this gorgeous blue firkin from Market Square Antiques does very nicely:

And this to-die-for firkin from Doll's Plus is painted just the shade of colonial gray to blend with any primitive decor:

Happy stacking!

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Hen said...

Every day you learn something new.....and today I've learnt what a firkin the grey one.

I'd give house room to all the objects on your blog - including the raccoon - he is delightful!

PS love to Joey!