Friday, January 30, 2009

Antique/Vintage Trade Signs: High and Lo

Who doesn't adore old trade signs? The carved wood ones are especially creative and give a real graphic punch to your wallspace.

Those of us on a fixed budget often find these signs well out of our price range. But fortunately, there's a handful of Etsy sellers who either offer vintage signs on the cheap, or who are creating their own fresh versions of classic motifs.

Take a gander:

The Real Deal: Antique Pointing Finger "Footwear" Sign

. . . currently on sale at Robert Snyder and Judy Wilson Antiques and Folk Art for 975.

Charming Repro: Pointing Finger Signs By Morning Star Designs

. . . Etsy folk artist Morning Star Designs sells these in his shop for 36 dollars (I'm sure they are customizable). He also sells some delightful carved whales, fish, and diner-themed signs to grace your walls.

The Real Deal: Vintage Office Sign

. . . offered by Dennis Raleigh Antiques for 295.

The Real Steal: Vintage Help Wanted Sign

Etsy seller Blue Bell Bazaar sells a number of these charmers in the 40 dollar range. Her shop is a treasure trove of funky vintage finds: highly recommended, especially the chalkboards in antique frames!

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