Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bilston and Battersea Boxes

I'm saving my pennies to purchase -- hopefully! -- one of these charming Bilston or Battersea enamel patch boxes for my birthday. Technically, I know, they're not folk art, but they have a simple, homey charm that I just love.

Battersea/Bilston boxes were produced in England around the late 18th/early 19th centuries. There is an equally charming modern line that goes by the name Halcyon Days, and is also quite collectible. Since enamel chips and cracks, the antique boxes in decent shape can be breathtakingly pricey.

I adore the birds that adorn this gem from Converse Clocks:

The Georgian Bilston/Battersea boxes often sported a sentimental motto. I find this little nautical box from Antiques and Uncommon Treasure really touching!

Finally, the basket motif and "forget-me-not" saying on this snuff box from Acanthus Antiques just floors me.

They're all so adorable, it's almost enough to make me take up a snuff habit!


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Hen said...

I have one of these...but it's a new one the husband gave me -it has a tiny painting on the lid of where we stayed on our honeymoon.